Running Your Nonprofit like a For-Profit Enterprise…

Scholar Consulting provides support and guidance to nonprofit organizations. They goal is to create more efficient and effective organizations as they pursue their mission.

Nonprofit organizations provide local, national, and international communities with incredibly valuable services and benefits. At Scholar Consulting we strive to optimize your time, maximize use of your financial assets, and prioritize your services in order to continue all the good works you do!

Although you do not answer to shareholders, you need to operate as if you do in order to remain relevant. We believe that even though you are running a nonprofit group, it needs to run on the same guiding principles of your for profit counterparts. Focusing on the mission is absolutely important. But it is just as important to focus on a business’s solid core values in order to continue providing solutions and remain active in your community.

Contact us for support in:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values Creation and Clarity
  • Organizational Health Check Up
  • Teambuilding
  • Donor Services
  • Fundraising
  • Data Management
  • Becoming a Community Collaborating Organization
  • Foundation Information Management Software (FIMS) Set Up and Support

It is time to “Raise the Bar on Zero,” making your organization healthier so you can serve those that need it.

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