It has been said that, “To empower is to enable and permit.” In order for any action to take place one needs to believe it is allowed to take place. Many people do not feel they can take the steps needed to be a leader or to lead an organization, because they do not have the experience to know they can. Sometimes the key is figuring out what motivates you the most and using it as an empowerment tool.

Through discussions and activities Brent will work with you to discover what it is that motivates you to take action. Using a wide variety of motivational theories from Maslow to Herzberg, Brent will help you discover your empowerment triggers so you feel confident that you have the ability to lead. Once you have discovered your true empowerment source, you will then learn how to positively influence others to do the same, creating an effective and efficient environment.

It’s the perfect time to take the first step! Contact Scholar Consulting today!

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