Since 2009, Scholar Consulting, LLC has been focusing on creating more dynamic, efficient and effective organizations. Originally Scholar Consulting focused on supporting nonprofit organizations stemming from an affiliation with a community foundation based in Western Pennsylvania. Today Scholar Consulting services both for profit and not for profit organizations.  We have found that nonprofit organizations demonstrate the heart needed to achieve long-term goals. On the other hand, for profit organizations tend to have more success in business efficiency. Combining these two ideas has led Scholar Consulting to work with a variety of industries to implement the concepts held within Conscious Capitalism as explained by John Mackay, the founder of Whole Foods Market, and Raj Sisodia.


In these changing times when the status quo of leaving one’s life outside the office door…or when information was not as easily accessible…or the ideas of telecommuting were just an idea…leaders need to reconsider what is best for their entire organization and the people who drive it. Brent educates mangers to become leaders, leaders to become servant leaders and employees and followers to lead themselves. By doing so an atmosphere where trust, accountability, and mutual respect is created and a new culture prevails. Working with all generations, Brent strives to create a collaborative atmosphere where all the needs are understood and met in the workplace. Organizations are viewed as life forms which need to be considerate of more than just the bottom line profits. To thrive today the manner in which a business or organization achieves their goals is an indicator of their on-going sustainability within and outside the organization, too!


As people mature they enter a new generation of needs. Individuals require guidance to achieve success as they pass through different stages of professional growth. Brent believes everyone has the potential to be successful and be their own leader.  Individuals will learn what they desire and develop the tools to achieve their goals. The ultimate goal for you is full evaluation and then implementation of one’s desires; as strengths guide individuals toward their personal success.